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Outbound IVR is a technology for delivering automated, phone-based outbound communications. Calls can range from personalized, event-triggered notifications and two-way interactions to broadcast messages to hundreds or even thousands of customers. Outbound IVR can utilize static, recorded messages or dynamic, speech-enabled dialogs with the ability to transfer callers to an agent, record call callers voice etc..

Outbound IVR offers advantages for businesses of all sizes and across verticals, including financial services, healthcare, government, utilities and education.

Why IVR?

This makes for a more efficient system in which agents have more time to deal with complex interactions, for example, customer retention, up selling, cross selling and issue resolution. This way, the customer is more likely to be satisfied with a personalized service and the interaction is likely to be more fulfilling and rewarding for the agent, as opposed to dealing with basic inquiries that require yes/no responses, such as obtaining customer details. Employee satisfaction is important in any industry due to the fast turnover of staff, IVR is therefore one way of retaining a workforce and allowing them to do a more effective job.

Simple Oubound IVR Flow Chart:

IVR Chart
Note:- Above is just an example of Simple Outbound IVR with 4 options, we can customize and build any type of IVR's based on your requirements..

Typical IVR Applications

IVR systems are typically used to service high call volumes, reduce cost and improve the customer experience. Now a days companies are widely using IVR services to extend the business hours of operation to 24 x 7. Examples of typical IVR Applications are ;

  • Telephone Banking — Balance, Payments, Transfers, Requests
  • Order Placements — Credit Card Payments, Online Subscriptions
  • Airline/Train/Buses — Ticket booking, Arrivals, Departures
  • Customer Services — Virtual Receptionist, Customer Care/Support
  • Media & Entertainment — Reality Shows, News Updates, Surveys
  • Hospitals — OP Registrations, Doctor Availability